Monday, December 28, 2009

Great maxi

Just think this vintage Indian cotton maxi from vintage is fabulous. It captures the mood of the 70s beautifully not like all these nasty polyester numbers hitting the chain stores at the moment.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

20s actress Louise Brooks epitomises style

Just wild about Louise Brooks. She certainly must have been the it girl of the 20s. I believe she started the bob craze which became the look at the time. Still looks amazing.

A wonderful look at 20s life and fashion

1920s shoes to die for

I wonder who originally owned these exquisite vintage shoes from the 20s (recently sold) on the amazing site Oh to be able to have shoes like these.
The following is the description from the site about them: n 1909 AndrĂ© Perugia opened a Paris shop, where he sold ultra-stylish, handmade shoes. His career was launched after WWI, when he designed shoes for famed couturier Paul Poiret. Gazing at these brilliant shoes, I keep thinking they were made for a princess. Such glorious golden shoes are fit for royalty—the Perugia effect!

The two-tone shoes are fashioned from bronze velvet and metallic gold leather. They are totally lined with tan kid leather and have leather soles. The T-strap style closes with charming bronze rosebud buttons—see detail picture below. In the early 1920s, Perugia designed a pair of metallic silver shoes for Paul Poiret with the same rosebud buttons. See page 29 of Heavenly Soles by Mary Trasko.

Perugia was an eccentric genius—he talked to his shoes—who produced custom designs for many of the glamorous actresses of the jazz decade, including Josephine Baker and Gloria Swanson. He said "a pair of shoes must be perfect, like an equation and adjusted to the millimeter like a motor piece." He continued to design collections for major couturiers and ready-to-wear houses through the 1960s.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fabulous Ferre fashion campaign

Just love these ads for Gianfranco Ferre's Fall Winter campaign 2009-2010 . So chic in black and white. Great composition also. Not to mention the wonderful garments that I can only lust after.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Latest arrival

I can just see this divine dress worn for a spring wedding either by the bride or bridesmaid. The blue is such a soft, subtle shade. Oh so feminine and different from all the strapless gowns that are so popular today. I haven't had time to upload it to my site yet but just wanted to give you a sneek peak.

Simply stunning Ava Gardner

After just having seen the wonderful Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951) starring a young Ava Gardner and James Mason I thought I would look up Ava's biography and photos on the net. Apart from this movie being a great love story she wears some of the most beautiful clothes which I discovered were designed by Beatrice Dawson, originally from Britain.
Ava Gardner was an incredibly beautiful and exotic looking woman who was married three times. Her most famous marriage was to Frank Sinatra but sadly it ended in divorce. The only photo not from the movie is the one above of her in a hat. Couldn't resist posting it for its sheer elegance.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vintage 50s Christian Dior couture on auction. One for the wish list.

Only 2 hours to go and reserve has yet to be met on Ebay for this classic vintage 50s Christian Dior LBD. Am keenly waiting to see what it finally goes for and if it does reach reserve will be very envious of it's new owner. Currently bidding has reached US$1525. Will let you know what it finally reaches.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just love these video clips on Dior's fabulous 'New Look'

On the subject of the stunning New Look created by Christian Dior I have found a couple of interesting video clips on UTube.
I had to upload the one in German below because the dresses featured are simply outstanding.

Monday, November 16, 2009

WOW! New arrival

Christian Dior certainly knew what he was doing when he first designed the famous 'New Look' shape in 1947 and I just think this gorgeous sequinned dress by Bernetti of New York is a great example. I have just listed it on my website

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sequins are everywhere

I have just put this wonderful vintage 80's Oleg Cassini (famous American fashion designer and close friend of Grace Kelly) dress on my website (50s to 80s page 4) and wanted to share it with my fellow blog followers. I am seeing sequins everywhere at the moment and think this one would be a complete knockout. Just love the colour too.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What were they thinking at Vogue Australia?

It was with much anticipation I bought the September edition of Vogue Australia Celebrating 50 Years of Vogue. Sadly it didn't take long to be disappointed. I think they must have completely lost the plot with their leading fashion spread titled Come As You Are. When does a double page spread of a close-up of two topless models constitute fashion and style. Their was a hint at the top of the page of a feathered headpiece by Ann Demeulemeester worn by one of the models. Sorry I will be looking to other mags for my style and fashion inspiration in future. Would love to hear from anyone who has seen the latest mag and what they think.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wonderful new arrivals

These 3 gorgeous dresses have just arrived and will be uploaded onto my site for sale very soon.
I just love the extra panels sewn onto the back of the divine green dress. 

How to Marry a Millionaire is a must-watch for fashion lovers

I just watched the wonderful How to Marry a Millionaire for the umpteenth time today and still can't get over the amazing wedding dress Lauren Bacall wears near the end of the movie. I searched the net to find out what I could about it and the other incredibly gorgeous outfits worn by Munroe, Grable and Bacall in the show. I found one photo only of the wedding dress but did research the costume designer, Charles Le Maire. He won quite a few Oscars for his amazing designs. He also was instrumental in convincing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts to set up an Oscar category for costume design.

Fabulous new book to celebrate Australian Vogue turning 50

Speaking of Vogue, I was very excited to read about the fabulous book In Vogue: 50 Years of Australian Style on Australian style that is hitting bookstores on September 1. I just found a site where I could pre-order it and save $15 off the recommended retail price of $59.95. It's Can't wait to get it now.

The September Issue coming soon

Can't wait to see this movie filmed at American Vogue while they were producing their famous September issue. A fabulous inside look at Anna Wintour and team in full flight.

Below is an excerpt from

Every August a record-breaking number of people can't wait to get their hands on the September issue of Vogue. The 2007 issue was and remains the biggest ever, weighing over four pounds, selling thirteen million copies, and impacting the $300-billion global fashion industry more than any other single publication. An intimate, funny and surprising look at Anna Wintour and her team of larger-than-life editors as they create this must-have Bible of fashion, Cutler explores the untouchable glamour of Wintour's Vogue to reveal the extraordinarily passionate people at its heart. He takes us behind the scenes at Fashion Week, to Europe, on shoots and re-shoots, and into closed-door staff meetings, bearing witness to an arduous, entertaining, and sometimes emotionally demanding processEvery August a record-breaking number of people can't wait to get their hands on the September issue of Vogue. The 2007 issue was and remains the biggest ever, weighing over four pounds, selling thirteen million copies, and impacting the $300-billion global fashion industry more than any other single publication. An intimate, funny and surprising look at Anna Wintour and her team of larger-than-life editors as they create this must-have Bible of fashion, Cutler explores the untouchable glamour of Wintour's Vogue to reveal the extraordinarily passionate people at its heart. He takes us behind the scenes at Fashion Week, to Europe, on shoots and re-shoots, and into closed-door staff meetings, bearing witness to an arduous, entertaining, and sometimes emotionally demanding process

Sounds fabulous and coming soon to selected Australian cinemas

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Carla Bruni wears flats

Being married to someone so high-profile and shorter than her has forced Carla Bruni to wear flats a lot. She still manages to look super-elegant going by this wonderful photo. Gorgeous Dior shoes help of course. I would love to see a photo of her though in a great pair of high heels.
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe)

Fabulous Vogue covers

Here's some of my favourite Vogue covers from 1916-1979. It's a shame the incredible artwork was phased out sometime during the 1960s and the standard format was set. I just love the way the artist was given the freedom to incorporate the Vogue masthead into his artwork. Each one was a work of art. The top cover would have to be my favourite. The impact of black and white is sensational ... not to mention the clothes, the model and the pose.
If you would like to see more I found these at

Monday, June 29, 2009

Twiggy now with her famous 60s haircut

I've always wondered why Twiggy ditched her fabulous 60s hair so I thought I'd do a bit of photoshopping and see if it would still suit her. I think it looks better than the long hair she wears now. Much more classy. What do you think?

Uma Thurman's stunning mother

Style and beauty obviously run in this family. Uma Thurman's mother Nena Birgitte Caroline von Schlebrugge was a popular Mexican-born, Swedish model in the 50s and 60s. She went on to become a New York psychotherapist and married Dr Robert Thurman in 1967. Uma was born in 1970.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barbie at 50

Barbie turned 50 this year and is still looking as fabulous as ever. The first ever Barbie (above left) which hit the shelves March 9, 1959 wearing her iconic black and white swimsuit has developed into a very sophisticated fashion muse. To celebrate her 50th birthday Karl Lagerfeld has designed an amazing collection (above right Barbie with real-life model Baptiste Giabiconi as Ken).
Image: Collette

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's happening with leggings?

Sometime recently the ubiqitous legging has morphed into something else ... pants, and it is not a good look, especially from behind. Check out Paris above. The only tights or leggings I want to see worn as pants are on male ballerinas. Please girls, when wearing tights or leggings wear your tops or dresses longer to cover your bum.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Curves are back ... and about time.

Cristina Hendricks (above) who plays office manager, Joan Holloway in the hit tv show Mad Men is doing more for women that any actress since Marilyn Monroe. Just loving the attention to detail concerning all things 60s in this show. The clothes are fabulous.

According to Damian O'Connor, Managing Director of Models Direct, more and more advertisers are trying to find models with fuller figures, to reflect the way that real women look. Models Direct is one of the largest modelling agencies in the UK.

In memory of the amazing Isabella Blow

Writing of English eccentricity brought to mind the amazing Isabella Blow, style icon and muse who sadly took her own life on May 7, 2007. What a loss.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The English eccentric look

I really love this look. It's tailored with an edge. The jacket is by Givenchy and interestingly I bought one from Cue last winter which looked very much like it (at a tenth of the price I'm sure). Just not wild about the shoes.

Exquisite Fortuny jacket

I have just come across an amazing Fortuny jacket at
It would match the fabulous blue Fortuny dress I have posted earlier
It is stencilled velvet and sold for a whopping US$12,000
The site this top is listed on is one of my favourite vintage sites. The clothes for sale are simply amazing.

Coco Chanel on beauty

'Beauty is not prettiness. Why do so many mothers teach their daughters to flutter about, instead of teaching them about beauty'

'Beauty should begin the heart and soul, otherwise cosmetics are useless'

Coco Chanel

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vintage shoe clips

It's amazing what a difference some lovely vintage shoe clips make to a plain pair of satin ballet flats. So easy to put on and remove and they just give the shoes that original look.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Glorious vintage Balmain

Now this is a dress (and matching petticoat). Recently exhibited at the V&A's 'The Golden Age of Couture Paris and London 1947 - 1957' exhibition. Circa 1950 by Pierre Balmain (1914-1982) in silk crosgrain with machine-made Swiss embroidery. The petticoat is boned silk net and silk. It was donated by Mrs G. Sachet. How beautiful. I wish the exhibition would come to Australia.

Posh in Balmain now

Balmain now. Really not loving the new-look shoulders on this Balmain military look leather jacket Posh was seen wearing recently. Looks to me like the coat hanger is still attached. Still loving her hair and sunglasses though.
Photo Credit: OLYCOM/

80s disco-glam revisited

Here is a fabulous original fully-sequinned 80s disco glam little number by Oleg Cassini I have listed on my site
You really have to love these amazing dresses. They seem to be turning up everywhere lately.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Instant style

Jackie O epitomised style never more than when she donned her black sunglasses. When you just don't feel it's happening put on your latest pair of sunglasses, and zap, instant style.

Looking for new sunglasses
I highly recommend 2020 Optical Store in James Street, New Farm. They have fabulous, original, cutting-edge brands sourced from Europe. I buy my glasses and sunglasses there and the service is incredible. Kevin, the owner, who is also an optometrist, has astounded me with his care and kindness.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Art of Imperfection

I love this inspiring little book. The subtitle is Simple Ways to Make Peace with Yourself which it does so well. It's just such a relief to read that being perfect is NOT the ideal.
From the inside cover:
'Veronique looks at the art of being wrong, disorganised, silly and neither rich nor famous. She explains how style is having nothing to wear, how chaos can improve your daily life, and why less sexy is more sexy.
Most of all, she helps us find solace in our shortcomings and humour in our blunders and lapses.'
The photography is quite timeless also.

I must try to get a hold of her other book, The Art of Doing Nothing which really appeals to me also.

The Art of Imperfection

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Style icons of last century

It's quite amazing to find a photo of the 2 most influential style icons of the last century, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. These women had the IT factor.
Photo from

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fabulous new arrival

Wow, this has just arrived. I love the Spanish-inspired style of this black taffeta vintage dress from the 50s. Has a gorgeous red tulle petticoat to boot. Will be adding it my site soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exquisite Fortuny Delphos dress

One for my lust list. I feel this would have to be the most classic dress of all time. Inspired by ancient Greek clothing, Mariano Fortuny used a method of pleating silk at his factory in Venice which was patented in 1909 and to this day has never been able to be copied. Most of the dresses that have survived are in museums but we can still buy one from some top-end vintage clothing websites like To see more of these amazing dresses go to the most interesting Fortuny website

Edgy, original brooches

All the girls in the office are loving these fun, quirky brooches and so am I.
They are hand-made by a creative Brisbane girl and are available at www. Great price too.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Congratulations Anna Thomas

Have just put Australian designer Anna Thomas on my wish list for autumn and winter.
Simply beautiful clothes that look totally wearable. And not every style is a mini.
To see more go to her website

Best hair ever

It's time to forget Emo and take some inspiration from the 40s and 50s when men looked like men (Don Draper from Mad Men is a hard act to follow I know) and women looked soft and feminine.