Monday, December 28, 2009

Great maxi

Just think this vintage Indian cotton maxi from vintage is fabulous. It captures the mood of the 70s beautifully not like all these nasty polyester numbers hitting the chain stores at the moment.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

20s actress Louise Brooks epitomises style

Just wild about Louise Brooks. She certainly must have been the it girl of the 20s. I believe she started the bob craze which became the look at the time. Still looks amazing.

A wonderful look at 20s life and fashion

1920s shoes to die for

I wonder who originally owned these exquisite vintage shoes from the 20s (recently sold) on the amazing site Oh to be able to have shoes like these.
The following is the description from the site about them: n 1909 AndrĂ© Perugia opened a Paris shop, where he sold ultra-stylish, handmade shoes. His career was launched after WWI, when he designed shoes for famed couturier Paul Poiret. Gazing at these brilliant shoes, I keep thinking they were made for a princess. Such glorious golden shoes are fit for royalty—the Perugia effect!

The two-tone shoes are fashioned from bronze velvet and metallic gold leather. They are totally lined with tan kid leather and have leather soles. The T-strap style closes with charming bronze rosebud buttons—see detail picture below. In the early 1920s, Perugia designed a pair of metallic silver shoes for Paul Poiret with the same rosebud buttons. See page 29 of Heavenly Soles by Mary Trasko.

Perugia was an eccentric genius—he talked to his shoes—who produced custom designs for many of the glamorous actresses of the jazz decade, including Josephine Baker and Gloria Swanson. He said "a pair of shoes must be perfect, like an equation and adjusted to the millimeter like a motor piece." He continued to design collections for major couturiers and ready-to-wear houses through the 1960s.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fabulous Ferre fashion campaign

Just love these ads for Gianfranco Ferre's Fall Winter campaign 2009-2010 . So chic in black and white. Great composition also. Not to mention the wonderful garments that I can only lust after.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Latest arrival

I can just see this divine dress worn for a spring wedding either by the bride or bridesmaid. The blue is such a soft, subtle shade. Oh so feminine and different from all the strapless gowns that are so popular today. I haven't had time to upload it to my site yet but just wanted to give you a sneek peak.

Simply stunning Ava Gardner

After just having seen the wonderful Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951) starring a young Ava Gardner and James Mason I thought I would look up Ava's biography and photos on the net. Apart from this movie being a great love story she wears some of the most beautiful clothes which I discovered were designed by Beatrice Dawson, originally from Britain.
Ava Gardner was an incredibly beautiful and exotic looking woman who was married three times. Her most famous marriage was to Frank Sinatra but sadly it ended in divorce. The only photo not from the movie is the one above of her in a hat. Couldn't resist posting it for its sheer elegance.