Sunday, August 16, 2009

What were they thinking at Vogue Australia?

It was with much anticipation I bought the September edition of Vogue Australia Celebrating 50 Years of Vogue. Sadly it didn't take long to be disappointed. I think they must have completely lost the plot with their leading fashion spread titled Come As You Are. When does a double page spread of a close-up of two topless models constitute fashion and style. Their was a hint at the top of the page of a feathered headpiece by Ann Demeulemeester worn by one of the models. Sorry I will be looking to other mags for my style and fashion inspiration in future. Would love to hear from anyone who has seen the latest mag and what they think.


  1. That Come As You Are spread was 24 pages too and, quite clearly, shot by a man. Nice breasts, pity about the clothes.
    The Fine Vintage spread was cool, though a bit heavy on the eighties and I liked the Short & Suite spread as the clothes were cute and the model was actually SMILING.
    Some interesting articles though and nothing trying to encourage women to have plastic surgery, which has what has completely put me off Vogue of late.

  2. Hi Louise,
    Glad to hear you felt the same about the Come as You Are spread. I did like the swimsuit spread in that issue too. I actually wrote to Vogue with my comments but haven't heard back. I'm finding Grazia a good read these days with some stories (although very short) and good fashion.
    I received my hardcover book chronicling 50 years of Vogue shoots last week. Shame they didn't keep archives and had to scan the old mags. Still think the older shoots were the best. Maggie Tabberer was stunning.
    Have been enjoying your blog and am interested in your book selection also. I love to hear what other people are reading as I do love my novels.
    Happy blogging and thanks for the comment.