Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Australian farmer saves kangaroos from drowning in flood

This has been a tragic time for Queenslanders but also a time of so many selfless acts of kindness. These poor, wet, wild kangaroos look so exhausted but content just to be on something dry. What an amazing man.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Betty Draper is wearing my dress only hers is blue.

Apart from the catastrophe unfolding in Brisbane at the moment I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened The Courier-Mail this morning and saw a photo from Mad Men with Ms Draper wearing a stunning 1950s dress as I have the very same vintage dress for sale on Only difference, mine is in pink. It also has the original belt and has never been worn.
I had to inform the lovely Courier Mail fashion editor, Laura Stead, who kindly did a piece on her blog

Monday, January 10, 2011

Just love Zuburbia's Ebay vintage clothing roundup

Congratulations to for their regular roundup of fabulous vintage clothing and accessory finds on Ebay. Just click on the photo at the site and you will be taken to the auction. I was delighted to see they had included a vintage dress I had listed on Ebay recently.

Monday, January 3, 2011

For those who loved and wore The House of Merivale

Fabulous vintage 70s Merivale leather jacket
shown on

I have found a wonderful post and thread about The House of Merivale fashions over at It has inspired a generation of fans, including me, to reminisce about our times spent shopping at either their Sydney or Melbourne store during the seventies. Here's an excerpt from the The Powerhouse's site on the post.

Established by John and Merivale Hemmes, the landmark House of Merivale and clothing designed by Merivale revolutionised the Australian fashion scene. John and Merivale Hemmes were mavericks in Australian fashion. Modelled on London’s famous concept boutiques and catering to 18-25 year olds, the House of Merivale was the first specialty fashion boutique in Australia.

The House of Merivale was not just a shop; it was a phenomenon that significantly influenced a generation of young Australian’s attitude to shopping and the fashion experience. The House of Merivale was the place to go to for the latest trends in music, fashion and make-up and was the first store in Australia to sell the mini. The popularity of the boutique was such that teenagers would be lined up outside the door.

Yes, I was there nearly every Saturday morning while working in Sydney spending my hard-earned cash on some amazing item of clothing. Even now I can describe every piece I bought in detail. Recently I spotted on Ebay the same fabulous brown leather Merivale jacket I bought from the store. Even though it was far to small to wear I just had to buy it to have another look. Incredible what an effect clothes have on us.