Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kathy's story

Recently I sold the vintage 50s black lace dress by Abe Schrader (above) to a lovely woman called Kathy from the US.
She then wrote to me telling me her story and added the photos of her taken in the first dress.
Here is what she wrote:

Dear Linda,
Thank you for such great service.
You've been fantastic.
I look forward to receiving the dress.
Believe it or not, I have this exact same dress that I bought twenty seven years ago at a vintage store when I was just eighteen years old.
I've included a couple of pictures of it, just for fun.
Boy, do I look young there (I guess because I was). (1984)
You know how it is, twenty seven years ago, but it seems like yesterday.
It's been my absolute favorite dress ever since the moment I first saw it and I've worried about what I'd do if anything ever happened to it.
Now , thanks to you, it's no worries.
Who would have thought I'd find it on the other side of the planet?
The internet is a wonderful thing.
Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate it.

I just loved the story and beautiful photos so much I wanted to share it with you once Kathy agreed. The top photo is simply stunning ... so well composed and Kathy has such great composure and elegance. What is interesting also is it is timeless. It could have even been taken in the 50s. Isn't it amazing how a dress can have such an affect.

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