Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ebay's Top Shopped report for 2010

Military jacket


FAUX fur

Lady Gaga, McQueen

America’s 2010 Top Fashion Obsessions as reported by Ebay's Top Shopped report:

A Salute to Fashion: One of the biggest fashion trends this year, military jackets topped the list as the fashion obsession for 2010 with fashion fanatics buying more than 1 million related items on eBay (1,038,026 related items sold).

Pretty in Plaid: As the favorite fabric for fall, plaid was a hot commodity on eBay, coming in second as a fashion obsession with 718,365 related items sold.

Return of the Decades: Retro fashion was haute this year with decades like the 30s, 50s, 80s and 90s trending high on eBay. The feminine 1950s took the cake with 626,264 related items sold, followed by the 1980s (378,222 related items sold), 1930s (321,103 related items sold) and 1990s (299,785 related items sold). Neon was also a big fashion trend this year and was a bright spot with 469,356 related items sold.

The New Glam: Decadent materials like faux fur (105,988 related items sold) and feathers (121,983 related items sold) as well as dramatic, bold prints – specifically leopard print (80,120 related items sold) – were all the rage with the fashion-savvy set of 2010.

Fashion Icon Lives On: This year marked the passing of iconic fashion designer Alexander McQueen. His legacy has lived on with fans buying 20,070 related items. In addition, McQueen’s unofficial muse and fashion icon for the new millennium, Lady Gaga, had shoppers vying for her look with related sales that totaled 96,470.

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