Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fabulous film frocks

Dinner at Eight, 1933. Costume designer: Adrian

Gilda, 1946. Costume designer: Jean Louis

A Place in the Sun, 1951. Costume designer: Edith Head

Niagara, 1953. Costume designer: Dorothy Jeakins

Sabrina, 1954. Costume designer: Edith Head

Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, 1958. Costume designer: Helen Rose

Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961. Costume designer: Givenchy

While researching the divine white dress Elizabeth Taylor wore in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof I came across 'Send in the Gowns, Freddie Leiba, 22 seminal film frocks that bewitched the world', by Robin Sayers on Sure enough Elizabeth is there in that amazing white silk dress by Helen Rose. I've uploaded my favourites but for more go to
There are also some fascinating details about each dress.

Would love to hear what your favourite film dress is.


  1. i don't have a favourite for two reasons: my knowledge of classic films is shallow and there're too many beautiful ones to name! i dunno why but i thought of hepburn's ball gown in my fair lady and knightley's green gem in atonement.